Long time, no post!

Wow – so, it’s been a LONG time since my last post. Apologies. I didn’t think anyone would miss it, but it seems that the blog has been receiving a modest amount of daily traffic despite the absence of posts.

A lot has happened in my professional life since the last post which has wrestled my attention away from the blog: A very busy teaching semester finished (with its associated exam boards and paperwork etc.); the book I have been editing for some time now has been submitted (after writing two lengthy chapters and editing other chapters); I have worked on and submitted several research papers; I have been working on developing skills in computational cognitive modelling (tough going, but it’s been fun and I’ve made some modest progress); and I’ve been working on ideas for grant submissions (it’s all about the money).

Another thing which has inhibited my posting on this site is that the summer months don’t bring much teaching opportunity. As this blog was originally intended for students of research methods, I didn’t have much to post about. But, I forgot that we are all students of research methods.

Most days I am doing something statsy (is that a word?). So, from time to time, to gain momentum on this blog I plan to post some more advanced aspects of research methods that some students might not have encountered before which they might not find of much interest. However, other researchers might.

I find that I have to teach myself a lot of research methods because there just aren’t many resources out there on the topic. For example, I have been trying to learn cognitive modelling, which requires quite detailed computer programming skills (as well as some maths, which I am just plain awful at). Along the way in my modelling endeavours, I have picked up pieces of helpful information from different sites, but I have never found a place where it is all brought together.

So, whilst I still plan to address the research needs of undergraduates in my blog, I also plan to post about what I am getting up to in my own research. Instead of having long posts infrequently, I plan to have shorter posts more frequently. Sometimes I will just be writing for myself: perhaps I might just want to articulate how to do something, and a blog post will serve as an excellent record for me to refer to later.

Please do continue to email me with requests!


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