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APA formatted tables in MS Word

Well, I haven’t posted for AGES! This is—in most part—due to the hectic return to teaching. Over the first two weeks of semester, I have noticed in lab classes that students struggle with formatting their results tables correctly in their reports. Thus, I decided to knock up a quick screen-cast showing you all how to do this in MS Word.

I shall add more “substantive” post over the next few days. Enjoy!

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APA-style graphs in Excel

So, you have some neat data and want to bung them in your report with funky colours and whacky axes? Sorry to burst your excitable bubble, but APA have strict guidelines for graphs, too. This short video shows you how to navigate the APA-graph-jungle.

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APA (6th Edition) formatting in MS Word

So, you have conducted some nice research and wish to write it up for publication (or just to submit to your University). Most students are put off right from the get-go as they have to tackle the fiddly-demon that is APA formatting. (For those unfamiliar, APA stands for American Psychological Association.) These APA guidelines provide a uniform structure to all articles, and it is good practice to adhere closely to their guidelines.

This short video takes away some of the sting by showing you how to set up your Microsoft Word document according to APA (6th edition) standards.

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